12 thoughts on “Being Green in America, and the World Outside it!”

  1. High my name is Jungle Boyman and I am a person who had an idea to make the world a healthier planet not knowing anything about the laws and regulations pertaining to copyright & real U.S.P.T.O. trademark laws I set out within my incapacitated mind to prove that I could create the greatest keywords in the history of online marketing and advertising with the simplest names and the most beautiful logos in the world being very novice to dot this or dot that I had a vision that was my goal I honestly really was confused by it all and had like seventy domain names that seemed to me more important then food anyway I am produced by Dave Royce Aron multi platinum selling recrding engineer and I write songs that are unique like Global Warming of the Heart and I wrote High School Miserable before Disney did it is registered anyway an attorney wanted me to show his kids how to write songs I asked him how much he charged an hour and I said that’s what I charge an hour to teach songwriting since I have letters of recommendation from the people who produced Pippi Long stocking and worked with Lucille ball and Desi Arnaz @the Sunset Screening Room in Sunset Plaza on the Strip we made a deal that he would register my ideas if I paid for them but seventy domains were to much so I kept ten and he registered my ideas and I paid the costs of filing anyway I was drawing out my names and creating logos that I liked and felt a real creative expression that I could never have achieved without the U.S.P.T.O their is no other registration place to go thank U.S.P.T.O. anyway I have had a lot of other people companies and corporations try to hurt my dream of becoming a platform and a stage to promote the goods and services of others that make a healthy contribution to our global eco-conscious communities across the United States and the rest of the world that revolves around it recognize and do your part and we must come together to change the way we live our lives to reduce our carbon footprint if we just started to really care more for everything we All take for granted and everything we do and don’t. Today will be the future of our planets environment tomorrow and its up to all of U.S. just to make a little effort so we will create a big change the difference in the way we think about the air we breathe , the water we drink ,the food we eat We have A right to know about foods CONtaining. G.M.Os companies like Hole Fools Markets do not only want to hide what they are selling as food but what it really CONsists of and CONtains as far as real ingredients go their deceptive labelings such as M.S.G. is called something else hydrogenated is fractionated we have a right to know what they grow the seeds of horror from scientifically manipulated frankenseeds are genetically inferior to organic and regular plants and vegetables that are sprayed by agricultual pesticides and chemikills there are a lot of companies out their that make claims such as Agri -Verde that have yet to be proven true without any future of cancer or other health risks associated with this product such as reproductive harm I for see complications from this product in the near future I do not trust it as I believe Agri -Verde to be Tomorrows curse this is just my opinion that I really feel needs to be told and I expect a letter from them that their suing me for slander as they poison the World I MUST be honest with myself and how I really feel to keep it forever real to be a part of something that only promotes and sells organic products that are made and grown in the United States ADVERTISING GREEN.

  2. Wow the whole wide world is changing so much and fast today who ever thought we would have the technology to live sensibly by improving our ways of living through organic values that really make a difference everyone seems to have a part even the homeless have discovered that it is a profitable venture to recycle , bottles & cans @ cardboard is being recycled at large super markets worldwide , plastic bags seem to be going in the direction of the newspaper and will be of no use soon as well as our dependence of foreign oil,, with the improvements of technology electric cars like Tesla are leading the way and with visionaries like Elon Musk and people like You the future is exciting ,,,,Advertising Green & the Green Advertising network is proud to be a member and part of the great people who want to make a difference and a better and healthier world for the people and the planet by advertising and promoting the goods and services of the companies and corporations who create , manufacture & produce , their products by the people of the U.S.A p.s. thank U.S.P.T.O

  3. the power of our Green Community in the U.S.A. & the world that revolves around U.S. depends on our Global unity to make serious changes we must do what we can to sustain ourselves through recycling and respecting the natural resources we as people take so much for granted together we can be the change that makes so much of a difference for the world and the planet thank you

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